Marvelous Messages are everywhere if you only know where to look and how to use them.

Marvelous Messages are all around you. When you're looking for answers, they will appear. They show up on billboards as large as the sky. They speak to you as store clerks, co-workers, best friends, even children and pets. They appear to you in nature, at the local gym, from the words in a magazine, or from a nameless stranger in a crowd. Just open your eyes, they are there.

Marvelous Messages are within you. Your body offers up messages about how you feel during any situation—especially if your body feels you're headed in the wrong direction. Your inner guidance system is always with you—are you willing to listen?butterflies around sm

Marvelous Messages are waiting for you from God above—(or from whatever form you refer to as the Divine.) These messages come to you in many ways, including dreams or visions, and are often in answer to prayer or mindful meditation.

Marvelous Messages come to you from those who came before. Your ancestral bloodline provides insights into the challenges you face and offers gifts handed down through the ages to assist you in overcoming them.

The messages you receive are not always practical, logical, simple, or explainable, but they will always be offered in love and will not promote harm. They will show you the best path, often one you might not have noticed. They can be perceived and received in a multitude of ways, appropriate for the individual who is looking for them.

My books, workshops, private sessions, and coaching, are all based on these simple concepts.

My Marvelous Messages™ series of books are each focused on a particular aspect of these messages. Currently available in print and ebook form from most of your favorite retailers are:

book trioMarvelous Messages from Your Body: Learn the Meaning of an Ailment to Heal Your Life

Marvelous Messages from Your Faith: A Simple and Effective Method to Receive More Answers to Your Prayers

Marvelous Messages from Your Childhood: Thirteen Traits that Reveal Your Hidden Potential and Empower You to Answer the Calling of Your Heart.Hatch front web 500

And coming soon is:
Marvelous Messages from Your Ancestry along with its accompanying card deck. You will be able to test out a beta version—when ready—by signing up here.

And of course, my latest release, Hatch – A Change Your Life Guide.

I’ve taught many workshops and you can always check my website for any upcoming offerings. I am also working on a self-led video course for the Marvelous Messages series, so be on the lookout for that. Persons on my mailing list will receive first notice and priority availability for any of these I host.

When you are ready to go deeper, schedule an appointment for a private one-on-one session. After which, you may want to consider one of my coaching programs. You can contact me if you want to know more.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, or alternative healer with a notable following, check in with me I'm always looking for fun joint adventures.