What They Are Saying:


DeniseMichaels"Jamie is an amazing coach! Her insight and intuition means she has the incredibly ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and come up with workable practical solutions just as quickly. I was struggling with a thorny personal issue and within just one hour Jamie helped me feel lighter, happier and I knew the clear path to resolve the issue. Easy as pie! If you need help sorting out some of the challenges you face - not just a person to vent to - but someone who will help you arrive at real, workable solutions, contact her today! Thanks, Jamie." ~ Denise Michaels, Las Vegas, NV www.denisemichaels.com


BabsMountjoy"I was touched deeply by the time I spent with Jamie. Her analysis showed me strengths I didn't even know I had ... it was an amazing experience. Her familiarity with the life of a writer definitely helped her to enlighten me as to how I could use the information she shared to improve every minute of my own work time and space. Our time together gave me enough to think about that I'll be finding new meanings in her words for months to come. I'm so very grateful we had these sessions!" ~ Barbara Mountjoy, writing as, Lyndi Alexander and Alana Lorens, Asheville, NC.


KamaFrankling New"Thank you Jamie for the readings on Thursday. The session has really helped me change my perception of where my pain arises. I have realised that there is an extra level to the origins of our pain arising from our heritage, which I had not considered before. I also realised that my particular condition has been worsened by my constant inner tug of war, and back and forth in making a particular decision. Thank you for awakening my awareness of this level, this has given much to contemplate, forgive, and release." ~ Kama J. Frankling, UK.


TraciBissonette"Jamie has this ability to reach right down into your soul and ask you that one specific question that changes everything. Her healing energy is profound. It is natural and filled with love. Her reading technique has helped me shed off years of old fears and has allowed me to move forward in my life. I found myself having many ah-ha moments that brought me closer to myself. I am filled with deep gratitude for Jamie's gift!" ~ Traci Bissonette, NY.


Kathy JoDingfelder"I just wanted to say that you had such a profound effect on my life... and that you are amazing!! I am sooo thankful. . . Much Love!! I wish you the best and many blessings!!!" ~ Kathy-Jo Dingfelder, Erie, PA.