"You gave us a fabulous interview. For us, the broadcaster part, you stayed close to the phone so every word was clear, you stayed on point, you kept it a back-and-forth conversation between the two of us, etc. For the listener part, you were interesting, explained the message of your book concisely, and you gave great examples of how it applies to the average guy's life. You hit a home run. You helped my show make tremendous progress with your visit. Thank you very much!"

--William Martin, Celebrate the Exceptional, WVOX, 1460am New Rochelle, NY


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"Turning the Terrible Twos into a Terrific Family Relationship"


A Sampling of News /Features:

• Batavia News, "Oakfield Author..." 

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A Few Press Releases:

• Edinboro Author Wins Meritorious Service Award


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