In my younger days, I kept a journal where I wrote letters addressed to nobody. Sometimes I would address them in the name of a boyfriend. Sometimes I would use the name of a stuffed animal of mine (Aldanr). This section of my blog is like those letters.

I wanted to write about all I've been doing in my life since breast cancer. Marketing geniuses tell us that when we blog, we should stick to one topic. The problem is my life is full of randomness and nothing is consistent other than daily hygiene, eating, and sleeping. (And eating and sleeping aren't all that consistent either.) 

Here's what I know for sure.

Firstly, I have spent most of the past fifty years deeply involved in self-exploration. I don't have any explanation for why this started. It just is. Through self-exploration, I have striven to improve my life, or as I once read in a self-help book, "Every day in every way, I get better and better." (The Internet says this was written by Émile Coué. I first read it in a José Silva book in the 1990s.) Good friend and author Dr. Nell Rodgers says that she will probably continue to try to improve her life even at her last breath and I'm much of the same mind with her on that.

I have found that the more I try to improve my life, the more that includes sharing what I've learned so that others can improve their lives as well. This has played out as written about by Edgar Cayce, "first teach individuals, then groups, and finally the masses."

Secondly, I've found over my years that what I seek to gain as evidence of self-improvement has constantly evolved. I explained to a girlfriend recently how as a youngster I sought love. Love evolved into a search for joy. Joy evolved into a search for monetary success. That evolved into a search for health and fulfillment. Spirit (my inner communication team) tells me that at the end of a long life, the thing we seek most is comfort. 

When I began writing my books on healing, it's clear the content focused on how life improvement healed one's life. I had learned during my experience with Hodgkins that I needed to look more deeply at emotional connections in my ailments and correct my personal failings. (This before I even knew the likes of Louise Hay, Wayne Dwyer, or others even existed. I had Hodgkins in 1985. I don't think I heard of or owned Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life until sometime after 1995. The universe makes sure we get the information we need. It may not always come from known sources.)

I also recognized the importance of the skills and talents we bring into this life and create through life experience. These skills, partnered with our heart's longings and desires, fuel us forward toward the elusive fulfillment that we seek. Due to my past, I honored those who came before me through my ancestry and recognized the value in "looking back to leap forward."™ This brought me to be keenly interested in DNA and genetics, which to my delight, has become more and more prevalent these days with new studies released and new ways to use and understand what science has learned about it. 

If I were to rewrite my healing book now, I wouldn't likely call it Transformational Healing. In fact, that was never the book's working or intended title. I initially wanted the title and cover graphics to reflect finding one's direction. I remember asking the cover designer to come up with a weather vane. But she reneged and suggested the title it is today. It made sense to me at the time and there is no changing it now*. It is what it will be and that opens the door for me to go forward and that's what having breast cancer did. Hodgkins taught me to stand up for myself and to take a hold of the reins of my life. Breast cancer taught me to step back from my self-driven, workaholic mode while re-steering my life back toward the fulfillment and joy I had initially sought. 

What I hope to do going forward with these messages is to share my journey toward that fulfillment in all the randomness that it contains. My life has been full of surprises, adventure, and small pleasures. So come along and see where this may lead. If you'd like to be alerted to my next edition, use the signup boxes on the site. 

 *In 2023 I released my book, Hatch - A Change Your Life Guide, which in effect, is that rewrite.