(The following was originally posted on my Carepages blog for family and friends during my treatment.)

It's been a very busy couple of weeks, between surgeries, scans, echos, mammograms. . . and Tim has driven me to and sat with me through each one. Yesterday I had the PET scan and a nice nurse explained all about the port they had put in.

Today the Reginal Cancer Center (RCC) gal called me. She let me know that the biopsy of my left lymph node was positive. (This was not a surprise. Both Tim and I had seen it's irregularity on screen during the scans.) But then she said the PET scan was CLEAR. We were so very, very happy to hear that. It was really some of the first bit of encouraging news we've had in several weeks. I immediately sent a text to my sons. Mark said he ran up and down the hall at work high-fiving everyone.

For the next couple of days, we are going to rest. (Though I am considering a hair cut.) Even our cats are confused by our odd comings and goings. Needless to say, Tim and I are both utterly exhausted from all of this. Somehow I have managed to also do some client work through all this. I'm not sure how. The one night I sat up late, did an hour's worth of edits, hit the wrong button and lost it all and had to do it all again! But somehow, the work is getting done. It keeps my mind busy, which is a good thing.

I hadn't been eating good, but we found a cure for that. They told me not to eat any carbs before the PET scan. For some reason, being told I couldn't eat what I wanted made me want to eat everything in sight! So I have eaten good the last couple of days.

Monday I have a class to learn about my chemo and Tuesday I get the first dose. They tell me it will take a couple of days before the full effect hits me. I have been given drugs for the day after and will also get a robo shot. Although I am nervous about it, I am also ready to just get past the unknowing of it all. I'm seeing it as going into the cave with Darth Vader. (Facing my fears, if you will.)

I have been to three different medical facilities plus several other doctoring places and, today, in one hospital, I was treated by the staff of another, so you might as well say I've been to every hospital in the area! I sure do get around! I have been dragging an extra tote with me everywhere to hold my notebook of test results, past histories, and so much more. I was given another tote - a donated goodie bag for chemo patients. (So many nice things inside.) But, even more stuff to carry around! So I got a brilliant idea. I had this Laura Ashley, child-sized, wheelie suitcase that I had used years ago for the cottage. I put everything in there and will add my water, mini purse, and crocheting for chemo day. Now I have just one thing to carry and I can pull it! My notebook fits in a front pocket for easy access. I am guessing that I am going to start a trend amid all the chemo ladies! (PS did I mention it's purple with pink flowers and butterflies!) I think I should stick my glitter wand in there, just for fun.

Oh, and I thought it was so thoughtful that someone had donated all those goodie bags to patients that I took in a handful of my little books and told my caseworker there to give them to anyone she saw fit. I hope some people are helped by them. I may take more in later.

Thanks for all your thoughts, stories, and prayers. Keep it up, they are helping!