TandyElisala2"Jamie is an extremely gifted medium. During a time when I needed to hear from my mom (who passed away in 2012), Jamie gave me a reading and shared specific information about our relationship that only we knew. Jamie really digs deep, connects to spirit in a powerful way and provides timely and accurate information that you can use today. Jamie shared insights with me that helped shift my thinking around my life and business. She is a gentle soul and I am so honored to be connected with such a gifted person. I'm glad I have Jamie to call on when I need her. I give her my highest recommendation!" ~ Tandy Elisala, Career & Life Transitions Expert, Certified Success Coach, and bestselling author. www.tandyelisala.com


Are you ready to change pain for good?

Have you been tossed in the waves of life?

Does it seem as though you just overcome one challenge to face another?


Do you find yourself worrying about:

- Who will pick up all the loose ends you carry 

- How you will find the money to pay for it all

- What will happen to family members if something happens to you


Have you become caught in a daily grind that has stolen your time and joy for:

- Self-care and downtime

- Personal pleasures and hobbies

- Home care and maintenance


Do you catch yourself feeling:

- Doubt and uncertainty about where you are going in life

- Unappreciated and unheard

- Undervalued

- Unworthy

- Broken


These are things I felt as I struggled with pain, illness, injury, grief, depression, and heartache in my life. I couldn't get past the waves that kept holding me back from all I had once dreamed of doing. After awhile, I didn't care about moving forward anymore—or so I believed. I would pray to God to let me die. I could find no real purpose in my life.

During that time, I read all the right books, repeated all the right affirmations, and hoped for something to change. But nothing did. At times, it actually got worse. Eventually, I put aside all the generic lists of what my afflictions might mean and created my own system, one that came to me after years of prayer, study, and trial and error.

When I discovered how to find the Marvelous Messages™ hidden in my aches, pains, and common maladies, the pain in my life changed for good. 


PatMatson"When you experience a session with Jamie, it’s best not to enter into it with any preconception of what’s going to happen. Jamie relies on inspiration to add the psychic level of understanding to hook the stories you’ve told her together. Net result? Greater insight and understanding for your life’s unfoldment. It’s as normal as a conversation and as magical as a fantasy." ~ Pat Matson, The Coaches Copywriter


Are you ready to make the pain stop?

Are you ready to take a giant step forward? 

Are you ready to experience the transformation a Marvelous Message session can bring?

During our call session I will show you how to utilize the messages hidden within the aches and complaints of your body so you can navigate through the rough waters of life and back to peace.


Together we will:

1. Bring the ailment or situation into acute awareness

2. Reveal its life-blocking connection

3. Create a spiritual correction (or “fix”) for the symptom

4. Decipher its origins and ancestral connections

5. Clearly identify the action steps you must take to clear it



Are you ready to learn the Marvelous Messages waiting for you?  

Calls last approximately 60 minutes. Schedule yours today by clicking the button below.

Cost: $347.   

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"My session with Jamie felt like a FASCINATING journey through my body and my issues with chronic pain.  She provided me with great insight as to how to move forward in the healing process, and how to "lighten my load."  I seriously had one "Aha" moment after another!  After our session ended, I sat quietly contemplating what had been revealed to me through Jamie, and I felt totally empowered to take action in finding the balance needed to heal certain areas of my life."  I highly recommend working with Jamie!" ~ Joy Phillips, Once Upon an Archetype