PrayerSuperchgrs lg(Note: This book is out-of-print. It has been replaced by a fully updated new book, Marvelous Messages from Your Faith.)

My first memory of prayer goes back as far as toddler-hood, where a small pottery plaque hung above my bed with the Golden Rule. I would often ask my mother what it said. Around that same time, a relative gave me two small prayer books from which I memorized a bedtime rhyme that I have said throughout my life.

Prayer has always been such an integral part of everything that I do, it is second nature to me. I had put the prayer keys that I used daily into a series of emails that were sent out mid-2006. An old friend of mine (Duane), heard me talk about them and wanted to read them. However, he didn't have an email. So I printed a hard copy for him, and he loved them.

After Duane passed away, I wanted to honor his fond memory somehow and decided to create and dedicate this book to him.

About the Book:

Prayer Superchargers: The “How to Pray” Book for People Who Need Answers in Today’s Troubled Times is a fast-read book with short stories about the key concepts I use to activate powerful prayers. Many of them will surprise you and make you rethink how you pray.

In this book, I share how I found a favorite lost watch; how a car I wanted but couldn't afford, miraculously ended up in my possession. I explain how prayer can work in everyday situations, like waiting at a restaurant; and how prayer works whether or needs are great or small. 

What Others Are Saying:

“Just read the book! I Love it! So simple and well put. It definitely helps put things in perspective and helps the reader truly understand how prayer works!”PrayerSuperchgrs lg  ~ Rev. Kris Seastedt

“Prayer Superchargers covers distinct issues that affect the power of prayer, allowing God to assist you in ways you’ve never even thought of.”  ~ Rev. Anita Pizycki

“Prayer Superchargers is thought-provoking in a very simplistic but powerful way. A quick guide of hope and faith! Inspiring! ~ Rev. Traci Bissonette