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Migraines, sinus, chest congestion? Female issues? Bad digestion? Cranky knee, sore shoulder, tennis elbow, hurt all over?

Are you trapped in a vicious circle? Does it seem as if you just get through one difficult situation to find yourself in another? Like me, you may find you don't just need a cure, you need a life transformation. 

Much like interpreting a dream, you can transform these and other symptoms into a personalized, unique-to-you message. 

Louise Hay gave us a list of affirmations. Now go deeper. Transform your discomfort on a more personalized level. Discover the Marvelous Messages your body wants to convey. Step into the divine guidance offered to lead you to the YOU you came here to be.

I designed the Marvelous Messages PDF Kit and e-course to give readers a quick introduction to one of the core elements of the Body Messenger Method.™ 

The Marvelous Messages Kit Includes:

     • Marvelous Messages Cheat Sheet

     • Body Chart and example

     • Quick sheet for deciphering messages

     • E-course Email Training

The Marvelous Messages Cheat Sheet is everything you need to know to get started exploring the deeper emotional connections of your ailments. 

The Marvelous Messages Chart is a place for you to map what ails you. Many people are surprised by just how many aches and pains they really do have.  

The Marvelous Messages E-course is a short series of emails with helpful tips and instruction guiding you to:

     • Chart and identify your body's symptoms

     • Decipher underlying messages for your symptoms

     • Discover the associated emotional connections

     • Visualize a "fix" for what ails you

     • Create action steps to resolve connected life situations


*Marvelous Messages is not designed to replace medical care. Always seek a professional practitioner for any serious ailment or symptom.


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