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You may have tested your DNA and learned about your family tree (or not) in an attempt to better know yourself, where you came from, and/or why you are here.

Ancestral Alchemy takes your ancestry to a deeper level. You can discover the underlying connections to many of your ingrained beliefs. You open new doors to the emotions, feelings, gifts, and challenges you brought with you into this life. 

Ancestral Alchemy is a process I developed over the years as I traversed my own personal search for meaning, wellness, and fulfillment. The part that is usually overlooked is the role our ancestry plays in optimizing our life's potential. 

I believe in the concept of "Look back to leap forward."™ When we recognize our inner genetics we receive the keys to ease our path toward our pursuit of happiness, wellness, and greater fulfillment.

Ancestral Alchemy helps you to understand "what makes you, you" and offers a means to more deeply explore the inner workings of the self.

The Ancestry Alchemy E-course is a short series of emails with helpful tips and instruction guiding you to:

     • Identify ingrained ancestral challenges

     • Acknowledge "gifts" handed down via your DNA

     • Overcome challenges by utilizing these talents

Fill in the form at the right and download your kit. The Ancestral Alchemy Kit Includes:

     • Ancestry Alchemy Cheat Sheet

     • Ancestry Alchemy Chart

     • E-course Email Training

     • No saliva needed! 

The Ancestry Alchemy Cheat Sheet is everything you need to know to get started exploring the deeper reflections of your ancestry, all on one page. 

The Ancestry Alchemy Chart is designed to quickly guide you in mapping and gleaning the information you need to alchemize your ancestry. Unlike genealogy, there is no need for dates and other-difficult-to-find details. You only need personal memories and family stories. 



Free Ancestral Kit

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