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Are You Fully Plugged-in to Your Body?

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Migraines, sinus, chest congestion? Female issues? Bad digestion? Cranky knee, sore shoulder, tennis elbow, hurt all over? Much like interpreting a dream, you can transform these and other symptoms into a personalized, unique-to-you message of hope, peace, and possibility. 

More importantly, are you trapped in a vicious circle where it seems as just as you get through one difficult life situation, you find yourself caught up in another? Like me, you may find you don't just need a cure, you need a life transformation. 

I designed the Marvelous Messages PDF Kit and e-course to give readers a quick introduction to one of the core elements of the Body Messenger Method.™ 

The Marvelous Messages Kit Includes:

     • Marvelous Messages Cheat Sheet

     • Body Chart and example

     • Quick sheet for deciphering messages

     • E-course Email Training

The Marvelous Messages Cheat Sheet is everything you need to know to get started exploring the deeper emotional connections of your ailments. 

The Marvelous Messages Chart is a place for you to map what ails you. Many people are surprised by just how many aches and pains they really do have.  

The Marvelous Messages E-course is a short series of emails with helpful tips and instruction guiding you to:

     • Chart and identify your body's symptoms

     • Decipher underlying messages for your symptoms

     • Discover the associated emotional connections

     • Create action steps to resolve connected life situations

     • Visualize a "fix" for what ails you


*Marvelous Messages is not designed to replace medical care. Always seek a professional practitioner for any serious ailment or symptom. 

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