I am a flashlight


Don't ask me to change so that I might fit the expectations of who you desire me to be. Offer me instead the freedom to be all I can. 

Your assumptions about me are based on whatever slice of me I've allowed you to see. But that slice is not all of me.

You cannot fully know me. Some days I don't know myself. How can you know me if I don't even know me? 

Yet some will base their opinion of me solely on the fragments they've seen.

How can a part equal the whole?

What I do know is that I am as God created me. I am perfectly suited to fulfill the purpose and calling He designated to me. Your feelings about me do not play a role in this, nor do they change who I am.

How I dress, talk, act, live, does not negate my calling. Rather it is merely the costume I wear to individualize myself before God. I am not defined by the color of my skin, the way that I worship, or my sexual orientation. I am measured by God based on how well I fulfill the purpose He gave to me.

Birthing, I came as all others came, that I might fulfill a grander purpose, fill another human's need, or spark a light in this world.

I came craving the freedom to do what I came here to do without the limitations society tries to put upon me.

I came desiring the time and space to hone my craft and practice my gifts so that I might share them with the world and make it a better place to live. 

I seek refuge from pain, grief, debt, and the common stresses of life. My heart begs me to move toward my calling, and these harmful strictures restrain me from achieving the greatness I desire—yet I continually strive to overcome them. 

Throughout my life, many doors have been closed to me because I have not met the requirements society demands of me to open them. Perhaps I have not been rich enough, smart enough, talented enough, or pretty enough. Therefore, I decree: I AM ENOUGH!

I will create my own doors and pathways to them. StormSignal BlackSwan2

I will rely on my intuitive prowess to guide me where I need to go.

I will surpass the height of those who declare that I am not enough.

I will, at last, accept that I matter

I will recognize here and now that my confidence grows from standing steadfast within my own beliefs, and not from conforming to the dictates and false judgments of others.

My prior hesitancies have stemmed from my fears of being rejected by society's standards rather than walking within the power of my own, God-given truth.

I now understand that when I operate from the light of my internal guidance, my work is accepted by those who need it the most, and for whom I was created to assist. 

Whether or not you choose to see it, I am a wealth of potential. I am overflowing with possibility. 

I am continually morphing into new and better version of me.

I am a transformer.

I am powerful.

I am a Swan.

If these words ring true for you, and you want to stand up and show the world you matter, while feeling no regret for being who you came here to be, then I invite you to join me in learning more about the Swan's path. If not, go in peace knowing you are loved. 


Image Credits: MoonlightBlack Swan

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