Seeking Restoration in a Broken World

restoration blueglobe middleeast 720x360We are often taught to believe that our restoration for “being good” or for pulling through tough circumstances will come when we get to heaven. That may or may not be true. 

I feel that our true restoration comes when we move past pain, past fear, past grief and loss to see the new possibilities that have opened up to us and step into them.

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Waterfall Year

Hopetoun fallsAre you in a waterfall year? If you are in a waterfall year it may feel like you were standing at the base of the waterfall with thousands of gallons of water rushing over you. Or it may feel as if you are caught in the river rapids above, racing towards the perilous edge of the falls. It may also fill your life with tremendous abundance and opportunities. Here’s how I created my waterfall year.

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8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Coach

8 Practical Tips for Intuitive Entrepreneurs Seeking Mentorship to Up Level Their Biz

Whether you’ve been coached for years and are looking to make a change, or if you are seeking a mentor for the very first time, here are some guidelines I’ve found helpful in selecting just the right person.

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